Citrix XenServer 5.0.0 Free Version: A Basic Install

Well, I’m a little late to the game but I guess better late than never. This post covers the basic installation of Citrix’s XenServer 5.0.0 Free Version. I apologize for the less than stellar screen captures. I had an old CRT connected to the server I used for the install. L I promise the next post covering the XenCenter Installation and Configuration will be MUCH nicer!


If you don’t like reading the documentation before installing a product, the best piece of advice I can give is to ensure your server is capable of virtualization technology and it is enabled in the BIOS. I used an HP\Compaq Proliant DL365 with and AMD processor for this installation and as you can see in the picture below the virtualization option is buried under the Processor options.


If your server is not compatible with virtualization technology or the option is disabled, you will get the following message when attempting to install XenServer:


Once virtualization is enabled pop in the XenServer CD-ROM and let’s get started! The CD will boot to the Citrix XenServer installation splash screen and automatically boot to the installation program.


At this time you will have the option to install\upgrade XenServer Host, load a driver or convert the existing OS to a VM.


For this post we are installing XenServer from scratch so we’ll select the first option and then select the correct keymap.


WARNING!!! If you continue the install from this point, all data will be lost.


What would an installation be without an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)?


Next, we’ll select the installation source and whether or not we are going to install the Linux Pack.

image image

Now, we will verify the installation source.

image image image

Let’s set a root password we can remember. 🙂


We must now configure the NIC, Hostname, DNS and Time settings.

image image

Time Zone

image image 


image image

Confirm and start the installation!

image image

Installation Complete!


Citrix XenServer Splash Screen: image

Citrix XenServer Console:


Checkout the Citrix website to learn more about Citrix XenServer. Come back soon for the next post covering the XenCenter installation and configuration plus better screen captures. 🙂

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