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Unable to Ping Router using GNS3 and VMWare ESXi Environment

June 4, 2012

I haven’t posted anything new to this site in a long, long time but thought this was worthy of posting since I could not find the answer in my searches. I have a simple simple network configured on VWare ESXi using GNS3 on Microsoft Windows XP to emulate Cisco routers. The layout is as following:

This same scenario worked on XenServer 6.0.2. After check the usual stuff (i.e. interface configs, default routes, VM settings, etc), I found the issue to be with the Promiscuous Mode setting of the VMWare vSwitch. The default setting is ‘Reject’. Setting to ‘Accept’ as shown below allows traffic to flow.

A reboot of the VMware host or the VM guests were not necessary when making the setting change above.