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New Citrix Receiver for iPhone

May 5, 2009

The new Citrix Receiver for iPhone is now available via Apple’s App Store. Version 1.0 features Citrix Access Gateway compatiblity and some changes to the settings as shown below. One caveat: There is no upgrade path from version 0.9 to 1.0. It is a separate download from the App Store. However, it isn’t really a big deal. Just down load the new one, delete the old one and login!

New Account Settings 1.0New Citrix Setting Screen











If you opt to turn off the Sign In Automatically setting, the Account Settings (Login) screen will appear each time you open the Citrix Receiver for iPhone app.

Thanks to Brian Madden for his tweet that alerted me of the new download!

Citrix Receiver for iPhone

April 29, 2009

I downloaded and installed the Citrix Reciver for iPhone (aka Project Braeburn) the day after it was released and just now found the time to blog about it. I put together the following to give you an idea of what the Receiver looks like on the iPhone. It is pretty simple to download from Apple’s App Store and simple to configure. You will need to create a XenApp Services site in the Access Management Console.


After the short download and installation, the Citrix icon will appear on your iPhone.


When you start the application you will be prompted to enter your server address, username, password and domain name. There’s also an option for whether you want the app to remember your password. Once this is set the app will connect to your XenApp Services site and provide your XenApp client application folder structure.












For this test, we’ll select Adobe Reader.














Pretty simple, huh? 

The following pciture shows how to use iPhone gestures with the Citrix Receiver for iPhone.


It is definately worth downloading and using. For more information, checkout the Citrix Comminity Blog.