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Creating and Importing an Outlook 2007 Profile on Citrix

November 7, 2008
If you need to autocreate an Outlook 2007 profile for use on Citrix, you can use the Office Customization Tool (OCT). Complete the following after Outlook 2007 is installed on the Citrix server: 

1. Run the Office setup.exe with the /admin switch.
2. From the Outlook profile option in the OCT, create a New Profile and save as a .prf file (i.e.
3. Specify the Exchange Server settings (e.g. server name, cache mode on/off).
4. Copy the .prf file to a share where all Outlook users have permissions.
5. Publish Outlook with the following syntax to import the .prf file (all on the Command line field of the published application):

“c:\program files\microsoft office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE” /importprf¬†
“c:\program files\microsoft office\Office12\default.prf”

When Outlook is launched first time users will not be prompted to create a profile rather the profile will be created automatically!