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WatchGuard x550e: Upgrade from a WatchGuard x500

July 6, 2009

With WatchGuard dropping the support on the WatchGuard x500 Firebox product in September 2009 you may find yourself configuring a new WatchGuard. We recently purchased a WatchGuard Firebox Core x550e. There is good news and bad new.

The bad news: You cannot use the config backup file from the x500 to configure the x550e. 😦

The good news: After you run the setup wizard to configure the x550e Firebox, you can configure the firewall policy with a backup (XML file) from the x550. Here’s the steps:

1.On the x500 Policy Manager, click File | Backup and save the backup to an XML file.

2. On the x550e Policy Manager, click File | Restore and load the XML from step 1.

3. On the x550e Policy Manager, click Network | Configuration and click Yes to the message concerning whether you want to change from a 6 interface Firebox to a 4 interface Firebox. If you don’t do this, you will receive a DATA_ERROR concerning the interfaces when attempting to save the the firebox in the next step.

4. On the x550e Policy Manager, click File | Save > To Firebox.

5. You should know have the policies from the x500 on the new x550e Firebox.