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Unable to Ping Router using GNS3 and VMWare ESXi Environment

June 4, 2012

I haven’t posted anything new to this site in a long, long time but thought this was worthy of posting since I could not find the answer in my searches. I have a simple simple network configured on VWare ESXi using GNS3 on Microsoft Windows XP to emulate Cisco routers. The layout is as following:

This same scenario worked on XenServer 6.0.2. After check the usual stuff (i.e. interface configs, default routes, VM settings, etc), I found the issue to be with the Promiscuous Mode setting of the VMWare vSwitch. The default setting is ‘Reject’. Setting to ‘Accept’ as shown below allows traffic to flow.

A reboot of the VMware host or the VM guests were not necessary when making the setting change above.

vcbMounter Error: Backup snapshot already exists.

March 6, 2009

Received this error [2009-03-06 09:34:26.750 ‘vcbMounter’ 7956 error] Error: Backup snapshot already exists when running a script to backup a VMware ESX virtual machine on the vcbProxy server. I following the post at NetworkAdminKB to delete the ‘_VCB-BACKUP_’ snapshot from the Snapshot Manager within the VMware Infrastructure Client. I had to restart the ‘VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended’ service on the vcbProxy server as well.

Enable Remote SSH Root Access on an ESX Server

February 5, 2009

Edit (VI) the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and set the PermitRootLogin value to yes if you need to grant remote root SSH access to a VMware ESX server. Remeber to restart the sshd service after modifying. Checkout this site for details:

Windows 7: BSOD Stop Error 0x0000008E

January 21, 2009

My friend, John (Twitter and Blog), inspired me to install the beta version of Windows 7. So, I decided to install on VMware Workstation 6.5.1 on my HP Pavilion Windows Vista laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. I managed to get my first BSOD on Windows 7 during the installation. In particular, during the ‘expanding files’ process. The possible causes for this BSOD Stop Error are insufficient hard drive space, memory problems, video driver issue and/or other device driver problems.


The problem I encountered was caused by a ‘phantom’ monitor. I normally use my laptop with an external monitor. However, in this case, I attempted the install with the external monitor disconnected. Although I was able to get VMware Workstation to display on the laptop monitor, it thought the other monitor was there. I attempted to change the Display setting for the VM in VMware Workstation from ‘Auto Detect’ to ‘Specify monitor settings: Number of monitors: 1’ but this also resulted in the same BSOD.

I thought the resolution for me was to plug in the second monitor and continue the installation. This allowed the installation to complete but now I’m having more BSODs. 😦 More to come…