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WatchGuard x550e: Upgrade from a WatchGuard x500

July 6, 2009

With WatchGuard dropping the support on the WatchGuard x500 Firebox product in September 2009 you may find yourself configuring a new WatchGuard. We recently purchased a WatchGuard Firebox Core x550e. There is good news and bad new.

The bad news: You cannot use the config backup file from the x500 to configure the x550e. 😦

The good news: After you run the setup wizard to configure the x550e Firebox, you can configure the firewall policy with a backup (XML file) from the x550. Here’s the steps:

1.On the x500 Policy Manager, click File | Backup and save the backup to an XML file.

2. On the x550e Policy Manager, click File | Restore and load the XML from step 1.

3. On the x550e Policy Manager, click Network | Configuration and click Yes to the message concerning whether you want to change from a 6 interface Firebox to a 4 interface Firebox. If you don’t do this, you will receive a DATA_ERROR concerning the interfaces when attempting to save the the firebox in the next step.

4. On the x550e Policy Manager, click File | Save > To Firebox.

5. You should know have the policies from the x500 on the new x550e Firebox.

WatchGuard Firebox x550e Factory Default

July 6, 2009

I recently found myself with the need to set a WatchGuard Firebox x550e to the factory default. If you’ve ever had to do this for any WatchGuard Firebox product you know there are different procedures depending upon which Firebox you have. This WatchGuard support article details how to do a factory default of a Firebox X Core or Peak e-Series and non e-Series.